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The promotion activity of contemporary art cannot forget the organization of new exhibitions. Platinum Collection has always aimed to organize collective as well as personal exhibitions and various artistic events.

The exhibitions we have organized took place mostly outside Italy, in prestigious cities, particularly European capitals, in spacious locations, in order to add value to the concerned artists, normally fifteen up to twenty, each presenting at least three or four works. A stylish catalogue presents the artists, with two pages dedicated to each of them. Each artist receives an private invitation, in order to enhance their visibility. We consider our collective exhibitions rather as a complex of many individual ones.

From the logistic point of view, we provide the artists all the services they may need: we personally care about the delivery of their works by top-level carriers. When this is possible, we pick up the works directly in the artist’s studio.

The best visibility for each artist is the individual exhibition, a moment of direct and exclusive gathering between the artist and the audience, showing around twenty works. The individual exhibitions are also set up in the best-known European cities, thanks to gallery owners we have been collaborating with since many years: Berlin, Paris, Vienna, Madrid and, why not?, Milan, Rome, Florence and Venice figure among the cities where we can guarantee the best visibility and organizing quality.

We use to consider Art Events as special exhibits, mostly because it concerns collective exhibition featuring a central factor, such as the location (an old-fashioned villa or a castle) or the presence of a celebrity.

In this case, the artist not only will take advantage of all the benefits we provide with for all our exhibitions, but also of a consistent audience flow.
Many of our events featured the presence of the Italian well-known art critic Vittorio Sgarbi who gives an exclusive value to the event.

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